Group of children painting with coloring paints in art class.


Envisioning • Developing • Celebrating

Early Learning Academies’ Centers offer various programs to positively create learning opportunities for all ages and stages of child development. Offering curriculum, learning objectives, goals, and milestones that align with designated state standards, we prepare students for their greatest success while celebrating childhood – sparking curiosity, inspiring them to try, and encouraging the talents within every child.

In terms of building community and facilitating socialization, ELAC moves children with their peers as they graduate to the next levels, thereby fostering long-term friendships and creating continuity. This growth continuum spans the following programs.

Newborn baby sleeping in bed.


We offer a comforting, colorful view to our youngest students, with individualized, consistent schedules lovingly overseen by a nurturing, experienced staff. We provide:

  • Daily outdoor time offers activities for mobile (and not-yet-mobile) infants for an early start on movement and wellness;
  • Exposure to literacy through read-aloud times that engages the infants and allows them to discover an early passion for books; and
  • Introductory Sign Language facilitates early communication, strengthens the bond between baby and caregiver, and clarifies moods and needs pre-verbally.
To help lift ease the workload for families, we’re partnering with the Cuties Care program to provide diapers and wipes for babies and toddlers while they attend our school. For $10 a week, Cuties Care covers the cost of diapers and wipes. We know parents have a million things to manage—we’re happy to cross diapers off the list.

Young smiling child playing with colorful pencils.


Our team of experts works diligently to instill a love of learning in these developing, curious minds. Building both friendships and self-esteem, our toddlers are immersed in strengthening their language, motor, and sensory skills daily as well as:

  • Creativity across the arts – from color to music to dance;
  • Positive reinforcements and behavior redirection prompts for stronger social awareness;
  • Exploratory learning that supports visual, auditory, and tactile learners;
  • Social skills practice, with lots of opportunities for friendship and care; and
  • Daily outdoor time to promote little one’s health and invigorate all the senses.
To help lift ease the workload for families, we’re partnering with the Cuties Care program to provide diapers and wipes for babies and toddlers while they attend our school. For $10 a week, Cuties Care covers the cost of diapers and wipes. We know parents have a million things to manage—we’re happy to cross diapers off the list.

Children drawing on paper with colored pencils in a learning center.


ELAC offers varying options for Preschool to grow your children’s readiness for PreK and beyond. Points of interest include:

  • Exploring and learning via hands-on activities that help develop fine motor skills (help with self-dressing, holding a pencil, feeding self)
  • Structured and non-structures small group activities, allowing children to work at their own pace and challenge themselves;
  • Planned gross motor activities, both inside and outside, to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle;
  • Increased emotional development and self-control via guided opportunities to express feelings and talk through situations; and
  • Skills-building in literacy [read-alouds, letter sounds/identification, name recognition, book orientation (l. to r., turning pages)]; math (number identification, beginning addition/subtraction, 2D/3D shapes, measurements); science (simple experiments, the five senses, compare/contrast/classify, STEM challenges) and art (fine art, music, drama).

Elementary-age child looking at a planet through a magnifying glass in a classroom.


Designed for those readying for Kindergarten, ELAC’s preparatory curriculum takes a comprehensive approach, including:

  • Teacher-directed lessons and child-led activities that ensure individualized learning while encouraging independence to complete tasks;
  • Skills-building in literacy (letter recognition/sounds, event/character identification, print concepts), math (number sense, one-to-one correspondence, early geometry, beginning addition skills, measurement, comparison, etc.), science (experiments, questions, and reasoning, hypothesis), and art (visual arts, music, drama);
  • Social skill reinforcement during play and daily routines alongside emotional resiliency development (acting out situations, role-playing, showing compassion and empathy for others, problem-solving, etc.); and
  • Emphasis on gross motor activities, both inside and outside (to develop strength and body awareness) and fine motor activities (to develop writing dexterity and precision).

Young child smiling holding up an art project.


Building on both preschool and PreK curriculums, ELAC’s Kindergarten program adds dimension and opportunity for our students by:

  • Providing differentiation (teaching to the individual child and not the class as a whole)
  • Using common core standards
  • Applying fundamental skills for reading (letter sounds, blends, sight words, early readers, etc.)
  • Conducting small group or individual lessons throughout the day
  • Offering journaling/daily writing activities that develop proper pencil grasp and strength and promote writing skills that don’t rely on technology
  • Introducing addition, subtraction, money matters, counting beyond 100, geometry, and other mathematical skills
  • Facilitating social and emotional development through daily role-playing and citizenship-building exercises
  • Exploring facets of science via experiments, hypotheses, observations and recordings, cause and effect, etc.
  • Strengthening artistic expression through music lessons, plays and acting, and fine arts (painting, drawing, molding clay, etc.)

Young children in classroom reading books at a learning center.


Offering before- and after-care, ELAC created its school-age program to challenge, invigorate, support, and excite our elementary students with opportunities like:

  • Summer camps
  • Structured homework time (quiet spaces, tables, and chairs; teachers available to assist and answer questions)
  • Weekly clubs with kids’ interests in mind—LEGO®, art, newspaper, etc.
  • Multiple activity stations for both short-and long-term project completion
  • Outdoor time for organized activities (kickball, soccer, reading, tag-related games, etc.)
  • Special community guests during summer activities
  • Community service events to build empathy, social justice, and good citizenship

Young child outside playing with chalk.

Special Events

ELAC keeps the fun going even after “office hours”! Join us for extra learning and extra fun activities like:

  • Artist of the Month
  • Center Dance
  • Curriculum Nights
  • Virtual Story Time
  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Summer Camp