November 15, 2022

Family Newsletter—November 2022

We are kicking off November with our MONTH OF GRATITUDE. We simply cannot say it enough, we are so very GRATEFUL for each and every one of you!

This month, we are planting our THANKFUL TREE in the center lobby. We invite families to fill out a leaf or two and share what/who they are thankful for and why. We cannot wait to watch our tree grow and grow and fill our center with positive messages! Don’t forget to also check our Facebook page throughout the month for our gratitude moments.

While it might be easy to lose track of the days as we head into the holiday season, take a minute to chat about your child’s day. Here are a few conversation starters to get things rolling:

  • Who did you play with today?
  • What did you have for lunch?
  • Did you sing any songs or read a book today?
  • What made you laugh today?

Finally, be sure to check with the center about our Thanksgiving holiday schedule and closures.