November 5, 2021

Family Newsletter—November 2021


We are kicking off November with our MONTH OF GRATITUDE. We simply cannot say it enough, we are so grateful…for our center staff, for our families, and for our center community. This month, we are planting our THANKFUL TREE in the center lobby. We invite families to fill out a leaf or two and share what/who they are thankful for and why. We cannot wait to watch our tree grow and grow and fill our center with positive messages! If you aren’t able to see our tree in person, be sure to check out our Facebook page where we will post pictures.

New this month in our Family Newsletter, we are pleased to bring you anew section from our registered dietician. The topic this month is picky eaters. We’re sure many can relate to this and hope you find some useful tips and information to avoid falling into the trap of becoming a short order cook! Look for these featured articles periodically in future months.